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Return to Sanity Rally Draws Insane Crowd

October 31, 2010


Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert drew a huge crowd to the mall in D.C. for their Rally to Restore Sanity with some big names joining them up on stage. The above video shows a musical duel between Yusef Islam (Cat Stevens) singing “Peace Train” and Ozzie Ozborne with a lame attempt at singing “Crazy Train.” Yosef clearly won out but in an attempt at compromise, the hosts then introduced the O’jays to perform “Love Train.” The video cuts off before their performance, so I don’t know how they compared. But Ozzie definitely needs a tune-up, or something.

The crowd was estimated to be somewhere in the vicinity of 215,000. That more than doubles the estimates of Glenn Beck’s rally held back in August. I, for one, feel just a little more sane knowing that there are still a lot of reasonable people out there who aren’t going to allow the vocal extreme right to bully their agenda forward.

If you don’t have anything new to offer, please take your failed attempts at job creation through tax cuts and try to peddle them to alzheimer patients. They may be receptive. After all, they won’t remember the fact that our economy collapsed despite Bush tax cuts to the wealthy. Why try to repeat failure?

Anyway, it was good to see the big turnout for the rally. I wish I could have been there.




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