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Over $5 million U.S. tax dollars paid to Taliban for protection.

October 1, 2010


This is unbelievable. A development agency, Development Alternatives Inc (DAI),contracting under a grant from the US Agency for International Development (USAID), may have paid over $5 million to the local Taliban to protect their current project near Jalalabad in southern Afganistan. The project was described by Paul Richter of the Tribune to be  “a small-scale infrastructure and community development project.”

Hmmm, sure would like to know what $349 million in tax dollars is doing over there and who will benefit from the project? This requires a bit of research. I did go to DAI’s website and saw a few of the projects they have worked on around the world. It appears they receive billions from USAID for their development work. They work in Gaza, Africa, Afganistan, and many other countries. I have to say that if their development projects work, they probably help the countries and communities immensely, but we all should know that sometimes grant money isn’t spent the way it’s intended. Surely paying the Taliban to not disrupt their project wasn’t in the grant proposal.

 BTW, DAI’s motto is: “Advancing Human Prosperity.”

 I guess this includes the Taliban?

 Why are they developing in such a Taliban stronghold? Are they doing prep work for the military or is there another motive? Or are they just trying to help the local communities to develop their economy?

 To read more click here.

 DAI’s website: click here.

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