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Habitable Planet Found; What Next?

September 30, 2010



For the first time ever, astronomers have found a planet that revolves around a star that is just the right distance from its sun to be earth-like in habitability. This announcement on Wednesday comes just a couple of days after a group of former U.S. airforce officers gathered in Washington D.C. at the National Press Club to recount unexplained encounters with, and strange occurances by, U.F.O’s. These credible retired military men had personal experiences where they claim that nuclear weapons at facilities where they were assigned were deactivated and then reactivated by sources that could only be of a foreign nature. Foreign to Earth, that is. Similar stories have been recounted by Russian sources.

Could this be a sign that we are closing in on our final destiny? What if we discover alien life on this planet (named Gliese 581g) that is more advanced than ours? What if the aliens are aware of our discovery? What if they are plotting our demise at this very instant?

The fact that the unexplained UFO’s disengaged our nukes doesn’t upset me. I am hoping they will come down and disengage all our nukes. And then hopefully they will share some superior wisdom about how we can all live in peace and prosperity.

We sure could use some advice.

To read about the discovery of Gliese 581g click here.

 To read about the gathering of former airmen at the National Press Club on Monday click here.

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