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Don’t Ask, Don’t Snitch

September 26, 2010


In a victory for gays in the military, Margaret Witt, a decorated flight nurse from Spokane, WA, was ruled eligible to be reinstated into the Air Force Reserves by a US District Court judge in Tacoma, WA., on Friday, September 24.

 Judge Ronald Leighton stated that Margaret Witt may be the best reason that “don’t ask, don’t tell” doesn’t work, according to an article in today’s Spokesman Review. Not only does her case illustrate that being gay in the military does not have to create a loss of morale, but it is obvious that morale took a serious hit when she was forced out of the military. Witt was honorably discharged after military officials asked her if she was a homosexual, after her former partner and the ex- husband of her gay lover snitched on her. With the understanding that she was not required to answer, she refused. She was still suspended and eventually discharged.

 In a moving exchange, Judge Leighton noted that Ms. Witt testified that after she revealed that she was a lesbian  to her parents when she decided to file a suit for reinstatement, her parents provided “unfailing love and support” for her. The judge told her: “Notwithstanding the victory you have attained here today, for yourself and for others, I would submit to you that the best thing to come out of all this tumult is still that love and support you receive from your family,” he said. “You are truly blessed.”

 photo above from the Spokesman Review

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