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What the Frack??? Hydraulic Fracturing is a Bad Idea

September 2, 2010



The EPA is currently conducting public meetings on proposed hydraulic fracturing in Pennsylvania, New York, West Virginia and Ohio. The final public hearing will be held in Binghamton, NY on September 13th and 15th.

Fracking is a process of accessing natural gas by digging over a mile down into the ground, and forcing water, sand and a chemical down into the shale below. From “Fracturing requires drillers to pump large amounts of water mixed with sand and chemicals into the shale formation under high pressure to depths 8,000 feet or greater or even wells less than 1,000 feet, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. This process fractures the shale around the well, which allows the natural gas to flow freely, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.”

 The people in Wyoming and Texas will tell you that it will contaminate nearby wells. It can make your water flammable. I saw a very good film about it; Gasland. The companies that are drilling might tell you that it’s safe. Don’t believe them. Do some research. You do not want fracking near your home.

Click here for article on today’s

Click here for an interview with the director of Gasland from NPR’s website.

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