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Rednecks, Punks, Bible Thumpers, and a Missed Opportunity.

August 13, 2010

Dang. I missed an opportunity yesterday to record something you don’t come across in a normal day. But what is a normal day really?

At around dinner time I took a walk to town. I live a block from my town’s park, which is host to a number of public and private activities on any given day. Most of the time it’s a great place for people to chill with friends, have birthday parties for extended families, or let the kids play on the playground equipment.

Yesterday evening there was a Revival meeting that I had seen advertised in the local paper. It’s a three-day event with a free Bar-B-Q each day. It includes “music, balloons, testimonies and preaching”, according to the ads.

So I’m walking toward the park and there is a group of rednecks hanging out a block from my house. I’ve seen them there several times in the past two weeks, so I think they’ve adopted this spot. I know one of the guys from when I worked at a school and he was a student there. (I ran into him at the courthouse last week. He was there because a guy assaulted him in a bar and he punched the guy in the mouth and knocked his teeth out. Ouch!) These guys and their gals were just chilling and didn’t seem to be doing much of anything.

As I walked through the park I could see the Revival on the other side. There was a big canopy, lots of people and a BBQ set up. There was recorded music playing and it looked like they were setting up band equipment in the ampitheater.

I passed by some young kids who were blasting rap music from a boom box, or something. It was loud. I walked pretty close by. I didn’t stare at them too hard but I couldn’t help but hear the lyrics. Holy cow! Every single line in the song had the word “mother-fucker.” I kid you not. I only remember one line, but it was repeated a lot: “If you’re scared mother-fucker, go to Church.” It was in classic gangster-style and had quite a catchy beat. I was quite stunned and I non-chalantly glanced over at them to see who they were. I wanted to see if they were checking my reaction as well. They weren’t staring at me. They were young and mostly white and looked like they were just a few young punks who thought it would be funny to disrupt the Revival.

Immediately, the citizen journalist in me got excited. I knew it would make a good story. I can relate to all kinds of people and I’m non-threatening. I knew I could talk to the kids and ask them about the music and why they chose to play it. I bet I could get some of the revival folks to speak. Hell, I probably wouldn’t be able to stop them. haha But I was on a mission to buy groceries and passed on the opportunity.  On my way back I dug out my vidcam, but the moment had passed. The young punks and the rednecks looked like they were eating BBQ and the punks had turned the music off. I had been gone for probably 40 mins, so maybe someone approached them and got them to turn the rap off. Maybe they felt guilty. I don’t know because I chose to walk, instead of talk. Oh well, maybe next time.

One of the young girls who hangs with the rednecks always waves to me when I walk by and acts like she knows me. So on my way back yesterday, I stopped and asked her if I knew her. She said no, she’s just friendly and then she said she knows my son, who is a sophmore in college now. That’s cool. I asked her name and we exchanged greetings. She was sweet. I continued home, feeling good that I broke the ice. These guys might like to fight, but I don’t think they’d ever bother me. The punks, I’m not so sure. If I were them, I’d buy dental insurance.


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