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Cell Phones: What scientists don’t know could hurt you.

August 6, 2010

I just read an article in Newsweek that has my head spinning. It seems that studies trying to find links between incidences of cancer and cell phone use are all over the board. One study found a 19% decrease in glioma, or primary brain cancer. Holy cow! I better change my cell phone habits quick!

Full disclosure: I have a fear of electromagnetic radiation. Well, maybe not exactly a fear, but I have had concerns about the risk of exposure since I was a young mother, about 20 years ago. I even went so far as to purchase an emr detector.

A 1988 article in the magazine MacWorld had a profound impact on my thinking about electromagnetic radiation and cancer risk. This extensive article called for the industry to reduce the high amounts that radiated from monitors and computers back then. To me, this was major. That an industry as big as the technology sector was calling for self-regulation was almost unprecedented. But remember, some of those geeks actually had a conscience, unlike the characteristic corporate heads who were all about “the bottom line.”

When my kids were in pre-school, I was vocally opposed to bringing computers into the classroom, especially at so young an age. I was concerned about exposing our babies to emr’s. When cell phone use became more and more popular, it just seemed logical that holding a radiation-emitting phone to your ear for extended periods of time couldn’t be good. But studies could not find a link between cell phone use and cancer. I said “wait until long term studies are released.” I thought I was vindicated when the first long-term study (10 years) was released last year, from Sweden I believe, that did indeed find a link between prolonged cell phone use and brain tumors.

And now this. The Newsweek article points to so many questionable study methods and such disparity among scientists as to why the studies do not support hypotheses that I am very discouraged. These days, scientists are losing credibility and they have become the focus of almost “witch hunts” to try to destroy their reputations. The global climate change debate rages after climatologists’ credibility have become increasingly called into question. And our problems continue to mount because simple common sense defies us. If you deny that humans are impacting the climate, you must be wired differently than I. I can’t fathom how you could not think that our wanton consumption isn’t somehow affecting the growing climate havoc that is pummeling our planet.

C’est la vie. I am not going to get my panties tied up in wads about it. I think it is impossible to change Americans’ habits. We will cling to our Navigators and our Iphone 4’s. We will laugh in the face of scientific fear-mongering. We will dig into the private files of scientist to prove that they are doctoring the data. Whatever. It’s a free country….

Click here to read the Newsweek article.

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  1. August 7, 2010 8:47 am

    The only way for mankind NOT to impact the planet is follow God’s NATURAL Law or to NOT exist. The kindest natural methods of living in this world are rebuked by most of the very ones you call scientists. They work for those who wish mankind death and destruction, so they are not gonna tell us how to do anything else with any real authority. Those who do, get labeled and their careers destroyed out of hand. It is the nature of the BEAST that controls the material world we live in.
    Some Native Americans are or have returned, to the Old Ways….that is the ONLY way IMO to live with nature as God intended us live. But even their environments have been polluted by others greed….we can not escape the returning days of Noah….they are upon us.

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