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Financial Reform Laws Provide Billions To Unemployed Homeowners. That’s a Bunch of Crap!

August 5, 2010


President Obama signed into law last month a sweeping financial reform bill that provides an additonal $3 billion to assist unemployed homeowners who face foreclosure on their homes. The existing mortgage assistance program currently has a budget of $75 billion. I think this is BULLSHIT!

I am sorry if I seem cold-hearted, but we simply cannot afford to dig ourselves deeper into debt to bail out homeowners who took out mortgages that they couldn’t afford. Times are tough. Did you think it was impossible that you would lose your job? A lot of Americans borrow money. They gamble on the fact that they will stay healthy and employed, or that their investments will reap returns. They sign contracts with lenders. Unless they are complete imbecils, they know that if they don’t make their payments, their homes will be foreclosed on them. So why should I as a taxpayer provide them assistance if they can’t pay? Hey, I’m unemployed too. Should the government help with my rent? Hell, NO! And I don’t want them to.

It’s time to face the grim reality that there just are not jobs for everyone. Our economy is in shambles. We keep spending money we don’t have to artificially prop it up. Eventually, we dig ourselves in so deep, we can never emerge. I think we’ve already reached the point of no return.

Get over it! America will not return to the prosperity we once enjoyed. If you can’t find employment and can’t meet your mortgage payments, tough luck. Move to a rental, move in with family, ask your friends if you can sleep on their back porch. Pitch a tent somewhere. Ask your Church for help. Lower your standards for the job you are willing to take and the lifestyle you are willing to accept. SO SORRY if you will have to give up your cable and internet. Too bad if you have to sell your boat and extra car. We are in a recession people! Do you think a depression is not just around the corner?

Please someone tell me when we are going to wake up to the cold reality that our civilization is on the verge of collapse. The planet is overpopulated; climate change is real. The hot summers and brutal winters, coupled with increasingly deadly natural disasters will quicken our demise. Food and water shortages are already a grim reality for much of the world. Do you think these things won’t affect Americans? Think again. And people don’t waste away without a fight. When shortages happen, those with wealth continue to maintain their fat and happy lives, while the underclasses sweat and grow thinner. A perfect recipe for civil unrest.

My predictions are grim; I am a hopeless cynic. I hope I am wrong.

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  1. August 5, 2010 1:28 pm

    wild story about a family packing their things in prep of foreclosure and they find a Superman comic possibly worth a quarter mil. Wow! if only superman could help all the rest of them…

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