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The End of Excess

June 21, 2010

Let’s face it people, America has a reputation for being a nation of consumers. We bleed indulgences. We are addicted to stuff.

But a lot of our fellow citizens are hurting these days. Their indulgences and consumerism has caught up to them. But they continue to hang on to their homes that they borrowed foolishly to own and collect their unemployment checks that Congress and President Obama continue to extend. Some of us have been collecting for over 100 weeks. I saw a guy from Spokane on Judge Judy one day who said he’s been collecting since 2006! WTF?????

Where is the sacrifice we should all be sharing to help our country pull itself out of the debt pit that the government continues to dig for us? Let the perpetually unemployed move in with relatives or move to a shelter. That will motivate them to take a job that they snubbed their noses at just months ago.

If you have a job, feel fortunate and why not help out your unemployed neighbor or contribute to the food bank or kitchens so the government won’t have to. Make sure your church is doing their share to help those who are facing foreclosure or are on the verge of losing their unemployment check. Why not help them find work or provide training so they can improve their marketability. A church down the street from me provides free clothing for the unemployed to wear on interviews or for when they find employment. We need more of that kind of charity. “Give a hand up not a hand out.”

Okay, I’m finished ranting. I should get out there and find a job. But first, a bubble bath…. 🙂

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