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Coast Guard Considers Burning Gulf Coast Oil Spill to Avert Environmental Disaster.

April 28, 2010


There is no averting disaster. It’s already done. Burning all that oil is a horrifying thought. But I guess it would eventually be burned anyway. They need to do whatever they can to stop the spill from reaching ecologically sensitive areas. It’s already too late to save the wildlife that will be killed by all the leaking oil. I read there is something like 44,000 gallons a day leaking from the rig. It will take over 250 days to surpass the Exxon Valdez. Let’s hope that never happens.

Off-shore drilling is not a good way to solve our energy needs. We need to reduce our consumption drastically. Immediately. C’mon, peeps. True patriots will heed the call and act. Are you for us, or against us?

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