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In Honor of Arbor Day 2010, Let’s Plant Trees Every Day.

April 20, 2010

I was honored to have a photo I took a couple years ago  in Bridger-Teton National Forest  included in a featured photo gallery this week on the Travel page of I don’t really know why they picked mine, as it is the only “amateur” photo among the collection. In fact, it is, by far, not one of my best. But at least I stuck to the assignment and submitted only photos from a National Forest, as was instructed. But that’s okay. The other photos are magnificent, as you will see if you follow the link to the page. My pic is the 7th one. It’s a bit faded out ( as you can see above), but I think they actually liked how I described the scene and what I thought about Arbor Day. I basically said that I think every day should be Arbor Day. Who would argue with that? Well, for one, my son would. He thinks they chose the photo because it showed camping in the National Forest. Okay, that’s plausible, I guess.

What do you think?

You probably think I’m drawing attention to myself again. HaHa You’re right!  Hope you enjoy them as much as me!  lol

Up top is the photo in the featured gallery. Below are some other pics I included in my ireport. Click here to see my all the photos in my ireport.

Click here to see the National Forest snapshots on this week’s Travel page. 

Oh btw, the pics are from the 2008 Rainbow Gathering held near Pinedale, WY. Did you know that we have the right to gather in the National Forest to practice communion and spiritual freedom? Yep. Look it up in your Constitution….

The Forest Service sometimes bring in their “troops” to shake up the tribe, but mostly the Gatherings are peaceful and a total trip!

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