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Self-Censorship of Inflammatory Pope Post

April 19, 2010

Yesterday I posted an inflammatory piece about Christopher Hitchen’s accusation against Pope Benedict for covering up pedophilia within the ranks of the Catholic Church. I was not agreeing or disagreeing with Mr. Hitchens. I simply asked if the Pope is an accessory to a crime. I also suggested to Pope Benedict that he consider removing the requirement of celibacy for priests. I think this leads to perversions. G-d gave us natural sexual desires. I think it is unhealthy to deny them. The proof is in the “pudding.” It goes for nuns as well.

Maybe the Church can allow priests and nuns to procreate. The offspring can live in the convents and be raised to become clergy. I know the Catholic Church has a shortage of ordained priests and nuns. This could be a solution.

I apologize to anyone I offended with my post. My rhetorical question to Pope Benedict was way out of line. As a former Catholic school girl, and as someone from a big Irish Catholic family, I should be ashamed. I hope my family will forgive me.


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