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My Emergency Room Nurse was the Mother of a Fallen Soldier

April 17, 2010

After almost four hours in the emergency room yesterday, I learned that my main nurse was the mother of one of our town’s two fallen Iraq soldiers, Benjamin Todd. I told her that, although I didn’t know him, I happened upon the procession bringing “the body” into town early last year. I told her I made a tribute to him on cnn ireports. She didn’t cringe when I said “the body”, at least not to my recollection. But remember, I did just get a head-banging. She thanked me sincerely. I was a bit flustered that I was speaking to a woman who had lost her son in the wars.

The dumb use of words was not uncharacteristic of me. I sometimes say things I regret. Don’t we all?

I need to seriously retool this video. I made it early last year and I have come a little ways with my editing. I still have a ways to go.

Every time I watch this I get choked up. Now that I have met his mom, I’m doubly so.

This from

“Chief Warrant Officer Benjamin H. Todd, 29, was flying one of two armed reconnaissance Kiowa Warrior helicopters that crashed Jan. 26 in Iraq’s Tamim province, nearly 20 miles west of Kirkuk. He was among four soldiers from Fort Drum, N.Y’s Bravo Troop “Pale Riders,” 6th Squadron, 6th Cavalry Regiment of the 10th Mountain Division.”



For any who disbelieve my E.R. visit, here is proof. I blocked out the doctor’s name, and the bar code. I used mailing labels, which I blacked out. With certain forensic tools, you may be able to decipher my address.

I left my name and the date for proof. My name is not a secret. It has been used on and on on cnn t.v. So it doesn’t matter if I’m “outted.” Someone is threatening to expose personal information about me if I don’t delete one of his comments. I am not sure what to do. Would erasing his comment be tampering with evidence? Just a thought…

BTW, for the one who is stalking me, that extra “O” that they added as my middle initial? That is totally bogus. Sometime years ago, some dumb clerk thought I needed a middle name, whether I wanted one or not! The audacity. grrrr…. I just may need to think up an appropriate middle name that starts with “O.” It’s not worth trying to to change. I’ve tried many times to no avail. Many official type documents add this middle initial.

Hey how does “Oprah” sound? hahaha


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