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Governor Sarah Palin Rallies 5000 Patriots at Boston Tea Party: Ho Hum

April 15, 2010

Well, I didn’t even realize that Sarah Palin was speaking in Boston today, or that Boston was holding its Tea Party a day before “tax day”, but I read about it and can only react with a big YAWN.  She regurgitated the same old, same old. Cut taxes. The Government works for us. Drill, baby, drill.

Okay, I’ve said it before. I actually like Governor Palin. She is an independent, Western woman who is outspoken, driven, and smart. It doesn’t hurt that she is attractive and possesses a charisma that many good Americans are smitten by. I like that she hunts, fishes, and named her babies unconventional names. I’ve read her book and think she did some good things for Alaska by taking on the big oil companies and fighting for the State’s rights. Right on girl!

But what is good about her is overshadowed by what is, in a way, dangerous. She pushed to kill all the fish in a lake in Alaska so that a gold company wouldn’t have the added expense of actually disposing of their waste responsibly. Instead the Army Corps of Engineers re-defined the waste as “fill” and allowed Coeur Alaska to dump 4.5 million tons of toxic waste directly into Lower Slate Lake, killing all the fish in it. And the Supreme Court upheld what Governor Palin and President George W. Bush wanted! And for what? Gold? Give me a break.

This is an issue near and dear to my heart. The very first Supreme Court decision of 2009 was the decision that the Kensington mine could legally kill all life in  Lower Slate Lake (oh don’t worry, they’ll restore it all back to its original condition. HA!).

I sure hope President Obama nominates someone with a little common sense!

I was so mad about the SCOTUS decision that I made a video about it. I appreciate you watching. It is a travesty, imo. I hope you agree. I think you might.

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  1. April 15, 2010 5:03 am

    I gotta say I’m a bit proud of this vid.

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