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Crash the Tea Party, Jason Levin, FOXNews, and Nazi Journalism

April 15, 2010

So FOXNews is playing up the investigation into allegations that Jason Levin used school computers to work on his crash the tea party website. How scandalous! So should we police all our federal employees now to make sure they are not surfing the web or updating sites during working hours? I admit that behavior such as this  is inappropriate, but let’s not get all Nazi about it. As long as it’s not abused, why can’t employees check on the lastest stock quote in between their job tasks. As long as they do their job, is this such a horrible thing?

What a witch hunt the extreme right media has begun to deconstruct a guy who is just having some fun. It’s a Hoax people! Don’t you know that by obsessing on this, you are playing right into Jason’s hands? He is an egotist. Nothing better to feed the ego than a media freak show.

Please people. Let’s not go all out Nazi here. This is America. We are supposed to have freedom of speech. Whether it is serious or not.

UPDATE on my exclusive interview with the teaparty crashers: I am still waiting, but remain confident. Watch for more updates…..

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  1. April 16, 2010 1:40 am

    My latest post about my tea party mugging! How Scandalous!

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