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Hug a Cop Today; Crash the Tea Parties

April 10, 2010

A few years ago my son showed up to a high school walk-out that was organized to protest an increase in incidences of police misconduct in Spokane, WA. My son wasn’t from Spokane, and had graduated the year before, but he showed up with his dreads and his crustpunk clothes and he carried a sign that stated: “Hug a Cop.”

The high school students didn’t like it and told him he didn’t belong there. He remained, as was his right.

It sort of reminds me of a blog I read from a guy in Spokane who went to a protest recently of a protest and was accompanied by 3 friends who carried signs that said “Rabble.” Apparently the signs micmic an episode from South Park. The media showed up and the guys with the signs ended up getting all the attention. Brilliant!

You might call my son an anarchist, but I think he defies labels. He’s a good writer. I’d love to get him on my blog as a guest. But he’d just scoff and accuse me of exploiting him. sigh. 

My son is not directly involved in the crash the tea party hoax, but he is in a way. I am going to be interviewing the culprits sometime soon. I am pressuring them to make it an exclusive. Stay tuned.

Oh, and I think that hugging cops can’t hurt, as long as no one gets frisky.

Here’s some other pics I have of the rabbler. Wasn’t he adorable?



Speaking of hugs. This is an awesome ireport of a Thai redshirt protester hugging a tense Thai police officer in the calm before the storm yesterday. What a tragic incident in Thailand. Check this out:

Red Shirt Supporter Hugs Police Officer

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  1. April 12, 2010 3:54 pm

    Check out my latest update on the tea party crashers:

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