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Tea Party Operative Antagonizes Protesters: Egg Throwing Incident Staged?

April 2, 2010

Hat-tip to Voting Female for this video of a disgusting tea party supporter operative who is obviously trying hard to anger supporters of Harry Reid.

Check out his reaction to the egg throwing incident. It’s almost like he knew it was going to happen before it even happened! Is it possible that the egg hurlers were plants? Absolutely!

The one guy did lose his cool. That happens on both sides. Does this make the guy a hater? Maybe when it comes to tea party members who place themselves in the face of their adversaries and try to bait them. And they caught it all on video. Well, we all know that kind of tactic is played by extremists on both sides of the political spectrum. It is getting to the point where we really can’t tell what is real and what is staged.

If I wanted to stoop to the level of this anti-patriot, I could have so much fun. Imagine the possibilities????

To see a different take on this incident, go to Voting Female’s post:

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