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Gun Rights Denied Medical Marijuana Patient in Washington State

March 31, 2010

A 59 year old Washington State medical marijuana patient and pot activist has been notified by the King County Sheriff’s Office that his medical marijuana endorsement, allowing him to grow and use marijuana, is enough to deny him the right to possess guns.

This is an outrage and all gun rights activists should be concerned. Why should a legal pot user be denied his constitutional rights? I sure hope this guy gets good representation and fights this injustice.

The activist, Steve Sarich, was the victim of a home invasion earlier this month during which time he shot and almost killed one of the intruders. After authorities seized his gun as evidence, he tried to purchase a new gun and failed the background check. He was subsequently sent an email by the Sheriff’s Office explaining why he was being denied the right to bear arms.

 For the whole story:

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