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Rainbow Gathering Washington State 2011 News Coverage

June 24, 2011

just love this pic! Mt St. Helen's Rainbow.

July 7: Now officials are saying they don’t know how the Rainbow sister from Weed, CA died. She suffered from cardiac arrest, but no drugs were found near her nor was there any evidence of drug use. The death is under investigation. More here.

Sherriff backtracks on cause of death of Amber Kellar.

Crap journalism here at the Willamette Weekly:  Rainbow Gathering in Washington Was a Bum Trip for Some.

AP:Rainbows, locals bemoan Forest Service presence

July 6: Sad news. A sister died of an overdose at the Gathering. Read about it here.

This one from Oregon Live is pretty good but some of the comments left are pretty rude.: Oregon Live

July 4th Welcome Home Brothers and Sistahs!  Here’s a recent article, hot off the press: Seattle Times

June 30: I got a good chuckle from this news coverage. They say the Forest Service is expecting 50,000 Rainbows. lol

check it out here.

This was posted out of Portland today, June 29. Click here:  Rainbow Gathering

This is a pretty good news report from KVAL out of Eugene, OR. (link here).

Barry Plunkett is interviewed.

The reporter showed both sides but I think it was way more favorable than some of the things I’ve seen online.

I think they should have interviewed the merchants in Cougar on video. In my experience, most  merchants are generally thrilled with Rainbow Gatherings. No matter if there is some shoplifting, which they are used to anyway, their business skyrockets during the Gathering. Generally, the Rainbow Family shows respect and are friendly! It’s only a few folk who are afraid. Poor thangs. 🙂

I wish I could download this video and embed it. I just don’t know how!

I don’t think I will be able to make it to the Gathering this year, although miracles happen.

Please, brothers and sisters, be gentle to the Earth and to each other.

Check my latest posts or prior posts for information and directions.

Welcome Home!


Washington National Rainbow Gathering 2011 site picked.

June 18, 2011

So I heard the Rainbow is near Mt. St. Helen’s and this morning on a forum someone posted a link to this photo from KOMO news. I thought it was very appropriate.

Here’s the directions to the Gathering from Karin’s blog.

From Portland, take I-5 North 30 miles to Woodland, Washington, Take exit 21, and go east on Road 503 which becomes Forest Service Road 90.  Continue on FS90 (when it come to the intersection of hwy 25 and rd.90 stay to the right and continue on 90). Turn right right on Curly Creek Rd. Drive 5 miles.  (Curly Creek may become Forest Service Road 51). Turn left on Wind River Road and drive 2.5 miles. Turn left at Forest Service Road 32 and drive 1/4 mile to Road 3211 and parking. Here’s a google map.

If you’re coming from points east – Take I-84 to Hood River Oregon. Go north on the Hood River Bridge (Hwy 20) to Hwy 14 in the state of Washington. Go west on Hwy 14 to Carson, Washington. Take Wind River Road north 26 miles to Lone Butte Snow Park. Turn left on Forest Service Road 32. Drive 1/4 mile to Road 3211 and parking. Here’s a google map.


Thanks for reading and hope to see you there!

Welcome Home brothers and sistahs!

Rainbow Gathering 2011 Washington State Coming Soon! Photos.

June 6, 2011







June 24: Check my latest post for any updates.

Update June 17. My son informed me today that the Gathering will be near Mt. St. Helen’s. No specifics forthcoming yet….

Update June 13. Sorry, I’ve been remiss! You most likely know that it’s difficult to get info about the Gathering site. I haven’t been able to find verifiable info.

But my 23 yr old veteran of several Gatherings son emailed me and said it might just be near Usk. That’s near the Pend D’Oreille river near northern Idaho.

No details at the moment, but I noticed lots of traffic here, so here you go!

Well brothers and sistahs, the Rainbow Gathering is fast approaching. Spring Council will be on  June 12. The location will be announced later this week.

If you plan to go, be aware that the Forest Service Law Enforcement officers (LEOs) will be out to get you. Any infraction is an excuse to pull a vehicle over and a citation can be issued on the spot and a mandatory court appearance just might take you miles from the Gathering and cost you a bunch. So DO make sure whatever rig you travel in is road worthy and legal. Have ALL your papers in order. Check ALL your lights before you head toward the site. You shouldn’t have a problem if your rig is legal and you obey all traffic laws. But just in case, keep contraband well out of sight.

Be Water Smart!

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Hope to see you at the Gathering this year!

Check back for updates. I’ll try to find out what I can about the Spring Council and the scouting efforts in here in Washington State.

Here’s some photos from Wyoming 08 and a video from the Washington State regional last summer. Enjoy!

Trump/Palin Bumper Sticker is Classic

April 29, 2011

copyrighted bumper sticker Do Not Duplicate

If there is a God, and if He favors Democrats, the Presidential ticket for the Republican party will be Donald Trump and Sarah Palin.

There are actually people out on the blogosphere who would like to see a Trump/Palin ticket, or at least that is what they say. Ha! Only an idiot would think they would have a rat’s chance in hell of getting elected.

Wait a minute, don’t rat’s have pretty good odds in hell? I better go mull this over and maybe I’ll have to edit this post.

It’s been a while since I posted.

A fellow ireporter (Margot) on cnn’s website created this bumper sticker after seeing a news program where someone came up with this soon to be classic slogan. That is of course, if a Trump/Palin ticket ever becomes a reality. Please don’t reproduce without permission. She has it copyrighted.

Thanks for reading!

MLK Day Bombing Suspect Arrested in Terrorism Investigation

March 9, 2011

A man with a Colville, WA address has been arrested in connection with the attempted bombing along the parade route of the Martin Luther King Day Peace March in Spokane, WA.

The 36 year old ex-soldier, Kevin William Harpham, was taken into custody this morning as he crossed the Colville River.

The arrest was carried out by dozens of F.B.I. officers between Addy, WA and Colville,  just a few miles from my home! Damn, wish they had alerted me. I could have added live-action  video to this post.

It has been confirmed that Harpham was a member of the National Alliance in 2004, one of the largest white supremist organizations in the U.S.

The bomb was fashioned in a way that, if it had been detonated, could have caused mulitple casualties. Alert city workers discovered the backpack sitting on a bench along the parade route prior to the parade and a potential tragedy was averted.

If convicted of attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction, Harpman could face life imprisonment.

for more info:

Are Glenn Beck and his Audience a Bunch of Baffoons?

March 4, 2011


I’ve tuned into Glenn Beck’s show twice this week and like every time I do,  I take away something new. And each time I listen to Beck, it reinforces my opinion of him.

Both times this week he was waving pictures of fists around and showing how “identical” they are. One fist is the logo for the International Socialist Organization and the other is from a poster by the AFL-CIO, in solidarity with Wisconsin.

I admit they are both characterizations of fists. But I would not call these identical. But today when Glenn once again waved the pictures around, he called them identical. Then he turned to the audience and asked them “Aren’t these identical?” And the audience all nodded in agreement!

Please someone show me what exactly is identical in these two fists. I can think of a number of differences. What is wrong with Glenn Beck and his audience????

Should Mega Millions Winner Holly Lahti Split Winnings with Abusive Husband?

January 24, 2011

I searched for the good part of half an  hour for a pretty picture of Mega Millions lottery winner Holly Lahti. I saw the pic online right after the the story came out about Holly’s estranged husband being eligible to split her jackpot. Her attractive photo seems to have been scrubbed from the internet. I saw a comment on an article that she did not want her personal information, including photo, being made public. Unfortunately, her criminal record, including mug shot, are public records.

 In 2003, Holly and her husband were arrested on domestic violence charges. Her photo taken after her arrest shows a very beaten face. I’m sure most of you have seen it. Since charges were dropped for both Holly and her husband, Josh, it is unclear if the charge against Holly was warranted. It is obvious from her bruised and battered face that she was a victim that day. She and her husband have been separated since then, but since they are legally still married in the state of Idaho, she is required to split her winnings with him.

Holly has elected to take the cash payout and after taxes she will receive over $80 million dollars.

 Do you think she should be required to give half to the man who abused her?